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Post-Forum Workshop

September 5

Cultivate Inclusive Work Environments to Empower Neurodivergent Employees for Success and Career Development

As the focus shifts towards increasing employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities, organisations are challenged with supporting and empowering neurodiverse employees. This necessitates a commitment to providing supportive cultures that foster career progression and embracing continuous learning and flexibility for neurodivergent staff.

Join this special interactive workshop to explore implementation strategies aimed at attracting and retaining employees living with disabilities, while also fostering an inclusive and supportive workplace culture. 

Facilitated by:

Professor Sandra Thom-Jones

Disability Inclusion Consultant

Professor Sandra Thom-Jones



Welcome and Introduction


Building supporting cultures and breaking stereotypes and stigmas

  • Attracting and recruiting neurodivergent employees

  • Identifying and valuing strengths of neurodivergent employees


Morning Tea


Communicating effectively with neurodivergent employees

  • Communication differences - expressive and receptive communication

  • Supporting career growth and professional development




Incorporating flexible adjustments seamlessly to accommodate diverse needs and abilities

  • What are sensory challenges and how can they be addressed?

  • Reasonable adjustments – physical and attitudinal aspects


Afternoon Tea


Cultivating a culture of career development and growth

  • What are executive function challenges, and what strategies can you implement to support neurodivergent employees?

  • How to prepare neurodivergent employees for, and support them in, leadership


End of Workshop

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